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Complete Dentures

Just when you thought “a denture is a denture,” Dan’s Denture Clinic comes along with three protocols and solutions for complete dentures. “Why?” you ask. This is because we aspire to serve all treatment levels and budgets. Let our denturist help you select the most suitable plan. Call to schedule an appointment.

Creating Digital Dentures at Dan's Denture Clinic

Digital Dentures

Digitally designed dentures can be done in a variety of ways. We can use your existing dentures as impression trays and as a design template if you like or we can start right from scratch. Furthermore, we can provide a try in that you can take home and try out situations such as chewing and eating and speaking.

Digitally designed dentures will appear and fit just like the final denture. Our scanners are good at 10 microns and the printers will print down to 10 microns, making them the most accurate in town. the occlusions generated by the computer use tooth libraries that are already setup. There is little grinding necessary, the fit is phenomenal resulting in far fewer adjustments.

The files used to generate the final denture are saved and if you lose a set or a single denture your temporary can be used as a spare set. So, we can print out another set in a matter of a few days.

The second-generation resins should last as long as insurance grade dentures and the price of the dentures is about the same as normal standard dentures.

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Specialty Dentures created at Dan's Denture Clinic

Specialty Dentures

When traditional dentures are not favorable, we can fabricate specialty dentures such as Neutral Zone for flat ridges, Parkinson’s and Stroke patients who have a difficult time with traditional dentures.  We carry cutter bars, Swiss dent and Dr. French Centric line teeth for those with flat ridges. So, if you feel you need something other than a standard denture please allow us to assess your needs and recommend a denture that is easier to chew with and custom designed for your situation.


  • Long lasting back teeth being porcelain are achievable.
  • Easy to chew with and can resume chewing such things as peanuts, steaks, and other tougher foods.


  • There is no guided occlusion and some find this difficult to get accustomed too.

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Standard Dentures with Dan's Denture Clinic

Standard Dentures

Standard dentures provide a budget-friendly option to replace missing teeth. With proper care, these appliances can last many years. Standard dentures stay in place through suction, impacting activities like chewing and speaking.

Standard Dentures are what we call economy or insurance grade. They are a basic form of denture and are meant to be replaced about every five years.


  • An economical form of denture that is easy to fabricate.


  • Because these are an economic denture you can expect that the finished product is not the same as advanced sets so you may need more adjustment appointments and the fit may need to be modified. –
  • Also, the choice in teeth may be limited.
  • Because this form of bite registration uses only bite blocks, they can vary greatly from practitioner to practitioner.
  • these dentures are often made to be replaced every five years and may use lower grade teeth that wear out faster.
  • People who buy this denture have the same expectations as someone who buys an upgraded denture and while the materials and processes are the same the preparation work for them especially the bite registration has some drawbacks.
  • Can take longer to balance and may need to balance in the mouth which is a less accurate form of occlusal balancing.

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BPS Certificate to Daniel Cameron DD with Dan's Denture Clinic

BPS Dentures

Equilibrated protocols are necessary when the patient needs extra work in determining centric relation and / or desires implants.

BPS® Precision-Designed Dentures:
When you need premium-quality dentures, BPS® is a clear choice to get the optimum comfort, appearance, fit and function.


  • It is made up of quality materials that resist stain, chipping, and wear. Conventional denture bases are prone to shrinkage and require frequent adjustments. The Ivobase injection system compensates for this, always ensuring a great fit for enhanced comfort and functionality.
  • Strict protocols of fabrication bite registration tooth selection and setup need to be followed so a higher level of competence is necessary. The practitioner needs to be qualified to fabricate them. and they need equipment capable of fabricating them which is costly. so that adds to the fees.

NAIT Protocol Dentures:
Our denturist will follow the prescribed denture fabrication protocol and has received NAIT’s 3-year Denturist Technology program.


  • Adhering to protocol helps us fabricate dentures with precision, down to the last detail.
  • This method follows this protocol: preliminary impressions, final impressions and vertical registration, pin tracing for centric relation and facebow mounts, try in, and insertion followed by scheduled follow ups and post insertion balancing.
  • Dentures last longer because far less grinding in and balancing is necessary.
  • Often come with premium teeth.


  • Higher fees must be charged compared to standard dentures due to the advanced procedures to prepare the bite registration and impressions.
  • We recommend an equilibrated denture for implants overdentures because the advanced equilibration will cause fewer lateral forces on the implant abutments.

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